Bioinformatics Services

inBiogen provides computational biology and bioinformatics services to help you deal effectively with biological complexity inBiogen has a highly trained and experienced professional scientific staff that is capable of applying the power of computational biology to build solutions to complex biological and data analysis problems faced by scientists in public and private research institutes, biotechnology companies, and universities.

You prefer to stay focused on wet lab experimental work or on whatever other your core skills, you cannot spare the time required to become expert in the methods of modern computational biology, or you cannot afford to hire a full-time staff person with expertise in computational biology area, the inBiogen bioinformatics service group can do your outsourcing modeling and integrative bioinformatics work. inBiogen supports the entire spectrum from hands-on partnering to outsourcing entire projects. If you are unsure how much you can or should do yourselves, contact us at inBiogen bioinformatics Services.

Our selling points are:

  • Rapid project completion
  • Skills and experiences to work at all levels of biological organization from molecular to physiological
  • Understanding the difficulties of experimental biology and clinical research
  • Supporting the transition from genomics to cell biology and physiology
  • Developing IT tools embodying novel algorithms and analytical techniques, and apply existing tools to achieve your biology or biomedical research objectives
  • Data-centered and discipline-aware

We can help you learn to apply all kinds of computational tools to your own research problems; we can get you up to speed and productive. For those who see the potential of computational approaches, but who wish to concentrate on their existing core skills, we can take full responsibility for the computational aspects of a project and keep you abreast with well-written, cogent and compelling project reports. Again, if you see your own situation in bioinformatics need, you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities with inBiogen bioinformatics Services. We can add significant, measurable value to your research enterprise.

Polypeptide analysis

Protein Sequence analysis

  • Protein Identification and Characterization
  • Protein sequence Similarity Searches, Analysis and Manipulations.
  • Protein Pattern and profile searches
  • Post-translational modification prediction
  • Protein Topology prediction
  • Protein Primary Structure analysis
  • Protein secondary structure Prediction.
  • Protein tertiary and Quaternary structure analysis.
  • Poly peptide sequence alignment and analysis (Both Pair wise alignment and multiple sequence alignment)
  • Phylogenetic analysis of Protein sequence.

Protein Structure Analysis.

  • Comparative protein modeling.(Homology Modeling and Protein Threading)
  • Ab initio protein modeling
  • Side chain geometry prediction
  • Analyzing Protein-Protein interaction
  • Use of Neural Networks and Other Statistical Models in Protein Structure Prediction.
  • Prediction of Transmembrane Helices
  • Identification of Active sites.
  • Fold Recognition.
  • 3D Structure Analysis
  • Identification of functional regions in proteins of known 3D structure based upon evolutionary conservation.

Nucleotide Analysis

DNA Sequence Analysis

  • Nucleotide sequence Similarity Searches
  • Conversion of Sequences Eg: DNA → RNA, RNA → Protein, Protein → RNA
  • Nucleotide sequence alignment and analysis.
  • Prediction of Composition of DNA
  • MOTIF Prediction
  • Promoter Identification
  • Phylogenetic Analysis
  • PCR Primer Analysis
  • Prediction of Melting temperature ™
  • Prediction of Transcription factor binding sites
  • Prediction of restriction endonuclease sites
  • Transcription Analysis
  • Predicting CpG Islands.
  • Gene Identification.
  • Micro Array data Analysis

RNA Sequence Analysis

  • RNA Analysis
  • Analysis Of Promoters and terminators.
  • Analysis Of Transcription factors

Computer Aided Drug Discovery

  • 2D Databases Searching
  • 3D Databases Searching
  • Pharmacophore-Based Drug Design
  • Structure based Drug design
  • Building and annotating Insilco combinatorial Libraries
  • Virtual High Throughput Screening
  • ADME & Toxicity Predictions
  • De novo Drug Design
  • QSAR Analysis
  • Lead Optimization
  • Energy Minimisation, Molecular Mechanics and Molecular Dynamics Analysis
  • Identification of Protein Targets.
  • Anti sense RNA Based Drug Discovery.
  • PK-PD Modeling


  • Whole genome annotation and analysis
  • Comparative genomics.


  • Building of Bioinformatics databases
  • Data Mining

Clinical Research

  • Storage Curation and analysis Of Clinical research data.