Virtual Research Assistance

Internet Research

Gather information based on your requirement from various online sources and generate a report for you.

Database Research

Addressing both extending and enhancing database management systems (DBMS) and data management for new domains. Exploring the expanding role of database systems in managing very large amounts of diverse data. It has wide coverage of many aspects of database system functionality.

Keyword Research

To identify keyword popularity for relevant keywords for the purpose of identifying the best keywords to target for high and better search engine rankings and and the analysis of which ones yield the highest return on investment (ROI).

Product Research

Marketing research focused on evaluating product design, package design, product usage, and consumer acceptance of new and existing products.

Industry Research

Our market research team conducts studies on various means by which a company can enhance sales and retain the consumers. It comprises of data related to growth, size, demarcations in the market and various other aspects. The industry research report also throws light on domestic and international markets in context related to industrial technology, information on patenting, Research and development, emerging technologies, industry trends, industry analysis, industry forecasts etc.,.

Steps followed in industry research

  • Structure of the industry
  • Profile of the industry
  • Current developments in industries
  • Statistical data of industries

Data Entry

  • Invoice Information Entry
  • Address Detail Entry
  • Sales Order Forms Entry
  • Business Card Information Entry
  • Survey Data Entry
  • Payroll Detail Entry
  • Company Profile Entry

Data Appending Services

Clean, verify and update you current database.

Product/Price Comparison

Research carried out to see the competency of a company’s product & price with other competitors in the market.

Finding Companies for a particular Service

Find companies falling into your spectrum of products & services and conduct study on their strengths and weaknesses.