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Content Management System commonly referred to as CMS facilitates the management of content appearing on dynamic websites. Content Management Website Development allows the content to be stored in a centralized location, separate from the design template and the creative presentation easing the process of formatting and editing the content including images, products, categories etc on the website. The presentation and the content merge at the backend to have the users a well organized and an attractive website at the screen.

inBiogen provide CMS solutions that can be used to build applications like Corporate sites, Microsites, Web Portals, Shopping carts, Discussion boards, Intranets and Extranets. We have served numerous clients with our customized Content Management Website Development solution that has helped them to publish large quantities of content at multiple locations on continuous basis. Clients have benefited by enabling the creators of Web Content in turn to become the publishers and managers of the same.

With ever changing business environment content featured on website cannot stay static. Easy update of content through Content Management System India allows you to have a competitive edge, so that you may use your website as a most effective communication tool. A dynamic, ever-changing website puts you way ahead of your competition and gives an impression of a forward thinking company, building an effective online brand image for your business.

inBiogen Content Management System includes features such as :

  • File Manager (documents, pictures, Video etc.)
  • Multilingual â€“ Multiple Language Support
  • Access Level Control (Admin, user etc)
  • EZ Menu Manager – Manage your website menu without the need for complex coding.
  • MiniApps – (Plain Text, RSS Widget, Navigation Widget, FLV Player Widget, SWF Widget, Google Ad Words Widget etc.)
  • Hack proof shield – Protects against possible attacks.
  • Cron Jobs – allows users to define when an object should appear or disappear on their website.
  • Intelligent Caching – offers temporary storage for frequently accessed data, making data access time shorter.
  • Advanced Log Manager – tracks each and every action a user performs. A system administrator can filter logs based on different criteria such as by user or date and time.
  • Comments & Rating – enables registered users to comment and rate pieces of your content. The system compiles all the user ratings and averages it out to define the rating and also allows for management of comment displays.

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