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Choosing an appropriate domain name and a professional Domain Registration Company are the two most important factors when you want to have a web presence for your company. It is the name of your business, the brand that you create which gives you an identity on the web world. Ironically, not many businesses pay attention to the significance of booking the right domain name and pay heavy price at the later stage of their existence. A right domain can increase your popularity by leaps and bounds and increase your business exponentially. It can foster your business in various ways the most important being increasing search engine traffic on your website.

Key Features to have the right domain:

Right Extension
There are various extensions to choose from such as .com, .in, .net, .org, .info, etc. The best being .com as it is most common, easy to remember and easily searched by search engines. .com domain increases the probability for a business to gain popularity and increasing traffic on your website.

Your domain should involve right keywords. The keyword focused domain has better chances of getting higher rankings on search engines than a domain which is chosen randomly. It is not that out of the box domain name does not work. We have the biggest example being google.com, but if you have a target audience a keyword focused domain can get you early rankings.

A domain that you choose for your business should be somewhat relevance to the scope of work that you do. It helps in correlation of your business with your clients and customers and is easy to remember. Online business thrives on repeated clicks and a relevant, easy to remember domain scores way higher than a difficult non relevant domain.

inBiogen offer Domain Name Registration Services in India at a very competitive price of $10/- per annum. While we provide our services to book the domain for you we have a team of analyst who assist you finding the right domain for your company. We work with you to choose the most relevant and search engine friendly domain name for your business. These value added services and focus on our clients sets us apart from various companies that offer domain services in India.

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